"Rosey is a wonderful trainer, Pilates instructor and massage therapist. She is inspiringly fit, and remarkably intuitive about creating varied workouts to meet your particular needs and to keep you motivated.  She has a sixth sense when it comes to correcting and fine-tuning the way you exercise to make you stronger and more effective and she has helped me get back to fitness and build up my core strength and balance after giving birth to twins.  I'm completely addicted to her!"
~ Katherine Sand
Aspen, CO

"In the early 1960's I had the opportunity to do Pilates with Joe Pilates himself. This has set a standard for every Pilates instructor I have worked with since. Joe would have loved Rosey's work.

~Jeremy Bernstein
Aspen CO

"Rosey is  an amazing trainer. I had hit a wall. Once I started with Rosey I saw major results. She is amazing. "

Carbondale, CO
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